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Artificial Intelligence

AI companies focus on developing software-based technology solutions, but rarely develop the hardware platforms to complement them. As Australia’s leading solar camera platform provider, we step up to fill that gap. We design our hardware technology to be modular and open to third-party sensor and visual AI software. When capital hardware costs dominate an overall AI solution, we’re perfectly placed to take on a prime role to deliver a cost-effective AI platform that senses, thinks and acts.


Providing an open source solution

Most solar-powered platforms are not open source. They require a third-party video monitoring system (VMS) to pick up the camera feed in the cloud for post processing, or they are simply unusable. There are no commercially available solutions for edge-based visual AI platforms that are not custom built. We designed our solution to be open to multiple AI technology providers. The Spectur ‘fog’ ecosystem is designed for cloud and edge-based AI. We deliver a robust solution, within carefully managed power consumption constraints.

Solar Power Security System

Supporting the integration of AI applications

We provide full installation and maintenance services. Our in-house, Australian-based technology team supports APIs, technology integration and delivers advice on how to best integrate Spectur solar platforms into existing systems. Our solutions also come with a range of built-in AI-based and non-AI-based applications, supplementing the solutions that can be offered.


Related Products


The STA6 platform autonomously solves security and surveillance challenge. For applications that need edge-based processing capabilities, multi-camera or longer-range solutions the STA6 is the unequalled choice. It features starlight 4K optical cameras with the option to expand the field of view from 90 to 360 degrees. It’s also a highly flexible and generic edge and cloud-based platform for other applications. The STA6 XS is an Iot security camera. It operates as a gateway for other communication technologies, allowing providers to incorporate other remote sensors and devices.

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