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Emergency Warning & Safety Systems

Intelligent warning systems to monitor, instruct and protect.

From shark and beach alert systems, to fire and flood alarms, Spectur’s intelligent warning systems are being used to keep communities safe around Australia. Integrate your sensors to respond and rapidly alert people to incoming danger when your emergency responders are far from site.

Bushfire emergency warning protecting parklands

Build your solution

Spectur’s IoT-enabled security platforms can be used to develop almost any emergency alert system Australia-wide . For example, we can add sensors and create triggers from noise, vibration, weather and air quality data. Whether you want to integrate an accelerometer, vibration sensor or seismometer, our team can assist with installation, servicing, and maintenance. Similarly, you can choose to communicate via voice, phone or on a screen with the field, to suit your applications.

emergency warning system and hazard detections provide immediate relief

Detect hazards

A hazard and bushfire early warning system can save lives. This is especially true for climate-vulnerable countries like Australia. Integrate smoke or temperature sensors, and your Spectur platform will be able to visibly and audibly warn the community and provide further instructions for evacuation. Onboard microphones or optional video phones allow for two-way communication. You can remotely assess what’s happening with a live feed and deploy these mobile or fixed solar-powered solutions as needed.

shark alarm emergency public warning system

Warn about sharks

The instant a tagged shark or smart drumline triggers an integrated sensor, the Spectur system can emit a bright visual alarm and spoken (shouted) instructions to leave the water. This can be heard up to 400m from shore. Because our emergency warning systems are wireless and only need 3G or 4G reception to transmit data, they can and have been deployed at the most remote beaches. Access is no problem as our systems can be hand carried and assembled in situ to tackle the most challenging of sites.

Tsunami early warning system

Alert to extreme events

Whether it’s tsunamis, avalanches or erosion you’re looking to monitor, Spectur’s field platforms can gather warnings through solar or battery-powered sensors directly or via the internet. You can visually check in with the site, assess conditions and warn when an alert is triggered, while maintaining a record of camera imagery to show changes over time. It is even possible to deploy remote warnings to a Spectur smart solar-powered signboard to advise of closed beaches, rips, pickpockets or any other message.

Spectur’s Australian-made systems are incredibly flexible. Our team can develop bespoke solutions to supplement any emergency public warning system.
Did you know that Spectur's solar powered security systems can be used to broadcast an evacuation message? Check out this quick demonstration and give it a try on your system today.

“Shark warnings are a key component of our emergency management plans and why we invested in Spectur’s Shark Warning System… With Spectur’s friendly staff and their technology, we can assist our community to stay safe and help prevent shark attacks in our area, giving us peace of mind.”​

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River​

Three platforms for sensing, warning and communication

Blue STA6S

The STA6s provides true multi-camera and exceptional nighttime vision, as well as the ability to deploy edge-based AI (for people counting for example). It is ideal for larger sites and where greater range is needed for visibility, detection and deterrence. The STA6s supports GPS positioning and both cloud and edge-based AI, for a vast range of sensing and monitoring options. With 4K ultralow-light imagery or long-range thermal vision, the option of 360-degree vision and a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way communication in the field, the STA6s is a game-changer.

artificial intelligence security system the HD5 camera

The HD5 is already powering thousands of early warning, security and surveillance systems on beaches, farms and in cities. With its robust design incorporating a solar panel, battery, full-colour HD camera, modem, speaker and bright light plus the option of thermal imaging, the HD5 uses 3G or 4G reception to send and receive data via the cloud and emit clear audio and visual warnings. It’s the cost-effective choice for site monitoring, active deterrence and warning systems. The HD5 is an ideal platform to support multiple additional hardware devices as well.

Intelligent warning systems SWC5 camera

The SWC5 unlocks clear two-way communications for responsive early warning systems. Integrate it with sensors or third-party AI to suit your purpose, from crowd counting to shark alerts. This solar-powered, 12MP 4K camera platform hosts two bright flashing lights, a loudspeaker and an optional 2,000 pixel colour LED display to transmit warnings automatically and remotely. Its VoIP phone lets you speak directly with people onsite should you need to dispatch resources or share instructions. The VoIP phone also includes an additional 2MP low light camera to ensure that you can see the people you are communicating with onsite, as well as talk with them. Consider the SWC5 your onsite lifeguard or ranger, watching for you at all hours.


Keeping beach goers safe from shark attacks


Large parts of the Western Australian coast are far from regular ranger or surf lifesaving patrols, but very active for surfers and other community users. In situations where sharks were identified to be in the area, it was difficult to warn the community of the danger in a timely fashion.


The solution was an autonomous “lifeguard” or “ranger”, able to attract attention and tell people to get out of the water when hazards were identified by the community, smart drumlines, tagged sharks triggering seabed sensors or other inputs.
The Spectur “lifeguard” involved a camera-based platform, triggered remotely via the internet and 3G/4G modem to activate high visibility warning lights and a 98dB loudhailer with a spoken warning. This solar platform was installed at multiple unpatrolled beaches to provide warnings. The councils that deploy these systems can also log in to the cameras in the platforms to observe conditions in the area at any time.

Affordable sensing systems
There when you can’t be
Ideal for remote sites
Australian manufacturing
Spectur solutions are in use by government departments, utilities, construction and residential clients. Speak with one of our specialists and learn how an emergency alert response system could transform safety and protection processes in your industry.

“Our organisation has a compound that was experiencing a significant amount of theft and we needed a solution to our security dilemma. Since using Spectur we have had a mass reduction in theft and false alarms from another solution we previously used. Spectur is a great solution with fantastic camera quality and the staff have been very helpful.”

Marsupial Landscape Management.

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Between bushfires, tsunamis, shark attacks, cyclones and floods we’ve all seen the devastating human toll of emergencies and extreme weather events.

Since time immemorial there’s been one main way of alerting people to danger; someone spots a hazard in the distance, they shout a warning to others, and the process of preparation or evacuation begins.

As sensor and processing technology becomes more advanced, fast wireless connectivity becomes cheaper and ubiquitous and cloud resources become commonplace, the benefits continue to grow for our communities.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

See what else Spectur can do


Deploy these Australia-made surveillance systems to watch your site at any time, from anywhere. Spectur’s reliable solar & battery-powered technology makes it easy to monitor, manage and investigate activity remotely.


Spectur systems actively detect and deter intruders with bright light and a loud spoken warning. Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence distinguishes people and vehicles from other movements to minimise false alarms.

Sensing & AI Solutions

Spectur products are designed for interoperability, unlocking the possibilities of AI and the Internet of Things. Many sensors and third-party software can be integrated to develop the security, monitoring, sensing (or acting) systems you need.

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