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Ensuring your equipment goes the distance

In Australia’s critical industries, investing in equipment is about more than adding value to business; it’s about keeping essential services running and communities safe. But harsh weather conditions, hazardous environments or even acts of vandalism can threaten the functionality and lifespan of critical assets. Considering the longevity and reliability of any equipment your business acquires is crucial for securing a solid return on investment and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Nowhere is this more important than in critical security, surveillance, safety and warning systems.

Ensuring your equipment maintains its performance and reliability over the long haul without costly interventions can be the difference between a poor and great investment.  Businesses must look beyond the initial upfront cost of a purchase or lease payment to secure lifetime value.

While you can invest in cutting-edge products that have high operational performance and reliability, unexpected events like floods, theft or criminal damage can also pose a threat to equipment that should be considered.

In critical industries, where demands are high and disruptions can have far-reaching consequences, reliability and resilience of equipment is vital for success. Reliable equipment not only bolsters operational efficiency but also contributes to reduced costs, improved productivity and the capacity to serve communities without interruption.

The consequences of downtime can include revenue loss, increased operational costs, threats to public safety, regulatory compliance breaches or reputational damage.

Buy local, increase longevity

Purchasing equipment that is designed for Australian conditions and locally-manufactured to suit can have a positive impact on reliability and performance in outdoor applications, particularly for critical industries. These sectors demand a high degree of reliability and resilience to maintain essential services and uphold community safety.

Spectur works with customers to deliver solutions requiring fully wireless security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI deployment technology in the outdoors.

As an Australian-based business, Spectur equipment is designed on the back of more than 30 million field hours of testing, trials and experience in the harsh and varied environments of Australia and New Zealand.  Spectur understands what it takes to build technology that needs to operate, in some cases for years, without human intervention. 

Spectur’s hardware and software are entirely designed, developed, manufactured and coded within Australia.  This infrastructure which extends across all major capitals, enables Spectur to provide swift and responsive support, timely maintenance, repairs and replacement of parts if and when they are required.  Spectur also has a network of partners able to support in even more far-flung regional areas. 

Reducing total cost of ownership

Life cycle cost or total cost of ownership (TCO) encompasses all the costs associated with an asset throughout its entire lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal.

This includes not only the purchase price but also maintenance, repairs, operational costs and even disposal costs. When you focus on purchasing resilient equipment, you’re effectively minimising the frequency of repairs and replacements, therefore lowering the overall TCO.

Another way to ensure peace of mind is to effectively “insure” with a long term warranty plan.  That’s where the Spectur Connect Plus program steps in.

Spectur Connect Plus: elevating equipment assurance

As a partner of some of Australia’s most vital sectors, Spectur understands that businesses need equipment that they can rely on. That’s why we’ve come up with a solution that not only provides industry leading levels of resilience and reliability but can also be supported with an extended on-site warranty solution. 

For a fixed monthly fee, the SpecturConnect Plus program offers customers access to an extended warranty, beyond the standard 12 month warranty, of up to five years.  Under this program Spectur will warrant full parts and labour for your system, ensuring that in the rare situations the system requires repair work, you have minimum downtime and a guaranteed fixed monthly cost.  Standard pricing includes all customers within 50 kms of metropolitan areas with travel to further locations available on request.

With Spectur hardware and the SpecturConnect Plus program, you’re taking the concept of trouble free operations to a whole new level.