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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two options, which include a full HD or 4K camera.  The HD camera has the option of interchangeable lenses.

Yes. In full HD, from our secure web login or from your mobile.

No, we prefer to use white light (LEDs) as these give sharp colour images. IR only offers black and white images. Colour makes recognising people and vehicles much easier.

We use a big, 100w light. It will cover 20-30m.

The 3.4MP can have lenses with the following field of view. 20, 40, 90, 110 degrees.

As far as you can.  For triggering alarms it depends on whether it is daylight, illuminated night or full darkness and which lense you are using.  Up to 100m is possible with the 20 degree lense during daylight hours.  Please ask us for details.

Because we record in full HD, we use still images, which save bandwidth. Up to 4 shot per second can be recorded.

You can use any mobile or desktop computer to log in to your account to view your cameras via a secure web login that you will be given.

Internet connectivity is contained within the system.  For optimum convenience and performance of the system, Spectur strongly recommends SpecturCare which includes a full Telstra backed data plan.  We also provide options where you can provide your own SIM card.

Size of data plan – 3G minimum.

It will keep working for up to to 4 days.

At least a month, usually longer. Time Lapse images are stored for 12 months.

Cloud recorded images are stored to an internal 64GB drive. These are accessible from the secure login. Cloud recording is usually used through the high in high activity areas, where sending a large number of images to the cloud would be expensive because of high data use. Alarms are less frequent, so images are sent to our Cloud Server. Alarm data is very safe as it is off site.

Yes, when you view the camera it can turn the light on for you.

On our secure Cloud Server.

You can access this from the SETTINGS page of your secure login. Just select a camera, and the data range that you’d like to download.

Yes, we have full control of the camera and all of its settings.

There is a battery usage graph on the main user page so that you can track battery usage.

We have telemetry built into the software that allows us to see signal strength, as well as upload and download speeds.

No, we use pre-recorded messages, so that you don’t have to be watching the cameras all of the time.

Yes, if you have power locally you can use it. This reduces the price of the system.

Yes, we offer a digital zoom

No. PTZ units can be quite delicate and very expensive. It’s cheaper to buy an additional camera if necessary.

No, it is ‘plug and play’. As soon as power is connected, the system will come online. We set all of the parameters remotely.

If you purchase the hardware for a Spectur solution, we continue to support our customers with ongoing support, primarily via SpecturCare.  SpecturCare includes access to our 24/7 monitoring service, data transfer costs, cloud storage, cyber security, regular software and hardware updates and improvements and access to our technical support team for the lifetime of the service.

You can specify as many people as you like from the Secure Web Login.

Yes, we can map your camera into our professional monitoring station.

Yes, you can choose to receive in app alerts.

Purchase outright or hire from as little as $11.75 a day*.

A very small price to pay for peace of mind.

*price depends on the number of systems rented and duration of rental period. Excludes Freight, Data Plan and Installation.