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Our Australian-made camera systems can be onsite when you can’t, always watching and providing a real-time link via phone app or web browser. Spectur is ideal for project tracking, security and time-lapse.

Stop crime before it happens with Spectur’s visual-based AI. Your system alerts you specifically to human and vehicle activity for minimised false alarms, while emitting a loud and bright warning onsite to send intruders running.

Protect the public and clearly warn people in the area to imminent danger. Spectur systems are already in use for shark warning, beach safety, bushfire warning and other natural or manmade events.

Weather and environmental sensing, motion detection or GPS tracking, smart city or third party AI solutions. Spectur’s flexible systems can be used for diverse applications across remote monitoring, autonomous thinking and AI.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.