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Smart construction site camera systems. Secure and monitor your site with confidence.

Ensure the protection and safety of your construction sites with Spectur's solar-powered security cameras.

Stop criminals coming into your sites, stealing your copper, tools, plant and fuel or vandalising your incomplete projects. Spectur solutions identify trespassers at the boundary or within the site, with high accuracy and low false alarms, automatically notifying you and simultaneously providing a visual and audible deterrent. Crime can be stopped before it starts.

Spectur’s solutions allow you to optimise your construction site surveillance effortlessly and remotely from any location using solar-powered, 4G-connected technology. The standard systems come enabled with Live View, CCTV mode, Time-lapse and AI-enabled event detection and deterrence modes. Unlike simple cameras our systems actively deter crime using built in flood lights and custom messaging sirens and can deploy a variety of advanced AI applications for security (people and object identification), vehicle tracking (number plate recognition), safety and many other 3rd party solutions .

The simplicity and effectiveness of Spectur’s construction and building site security and surveillance cameras make securing and managing your construction site easier than ever. Don’t wait until it’s too late to discover theft or vandalism—repairing and replacing equipment or building materials can be both costly and cause significant delays. Consider Spectur for your construction site security, CCTV monitoring, timelapse camera capture and more to safeguard your profitability and ensure a secure work environment.

Problems Spectur solves for constructors and builders​

Applications for Spectur building and construction site cameras


Deter or capture crime using smart cameras, built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens


Use our high-quality 4K systems for real-time project management live views


Capture your project's evolution with the time-lapse camera feature.


Use the built-in two-way audio feature for direct communication with site personnel or the public

Secure your site with Spectur’s security camera solutions



STA-Power LargeTrailer

Why should I use Spectur’s camera solutions?

We bring peace of mind. With Spectur solutions, we reduce your concerns about crime, safety and disruption, and allow you to know what is going on anywhere, anytime.


Our systems work. Active and effective identification and deterrence means that crime stops before it happens. ​

Quick supply and installation; most metro areas can have a system installed within 2 days. Spectur has our own installation and service team in all major cities, with a network of partners if you are in regional areas.

Spectur systems can do many things from one platform, saving you money. You can deploy up to 4 cameras, multiple AI or sensing applications, live viewing, time-lapse and more from the same system.


Choose between purchase, lease or rental solutions for a cost-effective approach based on project duration and your capital management requirements.

Deploy in any situation with our in-ground solutions, mobile base, and trailer offerings.

Used and trusted by organisations of all sizes,
from small and local to multinationals

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