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Surveillance Systems To Secure Property and Maintain Public Safety – At Every Level of Government.

Implementing a government surveillance system that provides security and sensing solutions has traditionally been costly and complex. Spectur’s autonomous solar-powered systems change everything.

Government camera surveillance plays an important role in reducing violent crime and theft, as well as facilitating immediate responses to real-time emergencies. It can also help prevent minor crimes such as vandalism, trespassing or council illegal dumping. Secure public sites such as parks, beaches and landmarks, or government offices with our cutting-edge government surveillance system technologies.


Spectur systems are available to buy, lease or hire. Whether you’re operating at a local, state or federal level, our technology team can help find the right government camera surveillance system for you.

“Shark warnings are a key component of our emergency management plans and why we invested in Spectur’s Shark Warning System… With Spectur’s friendly staff and their technology, we can assist our community to stay safe and help prevent shark attacks in our area, giving us peace of mind.”​

Shire of Augusta-Margaret River​

Secure your site with a Spectur camera system

The STA6s is a long-range, versatile security and sensing platform that’s designed and manufactured in Australia. Hosting up to 4 thermal or 4K low light cameras, lights, speakers, microphones and other devices, it’s the unrivaled platform for solar-powered, multi-camera, visual applications.

With up to 360 degrees vision, edge-based AI and connectivity with remote sensors, this platform is ideal for government security systems looking to enforce security, surveillance and sensing to combat common challenges such as council illegal dumping, vandalism or other forms of crime.

The HD6 is suitable for construction companies seeking a cost-effective single camera solution, for closer range security and surveillance applications. It includes a full-colour HD camera, cloud-based AI and built-in 3G/4G modem, together with an onboard speaker and light for active deterrence.

The HD6 is simple to install, available to hire or buy and can be mounted onto a mobile trailer base to be moved from site to site.

The SWC5 platform is a versatile one, suitable for remote applications including parking, crowd control, surf rescue, surveillance, warnings and more. Such features are especially useful for local government security systems.

This platform is equipped with a 12MP 4K camera, loudspeaker, flashing warning lights and VoIP phone for clear two-way communication. It’s simple to integrate sensors or third-party AI solutions to create the warning system you require, and an optional colour LED screen can be added to share written messages or instructions onsite.


Stopping Theft and Vandalism in Empty Government Buildings


A Western Australian government department had several vacant buildings that required protection while awaiting repurposing, renovations or demolition. An innovative security solution was sought to deter copper thieves, vandals and illicit drug users, who would often trespass onto premises.


The government department spoke with Spectur and we provided optical and thermal camera systems, together with a monitoring and guard service. Crime and social nuisance has been dramatically reduced. Shortly after the system was installed local police arrested an alleged criminal onsite and praised our solution, saying, “The last guys never caught anyone!”

Multi-camera vision

Remote vision & deterrence

Wireless and cable-free

Australian designed & made

Spectur solutions are used for a vast range of government security systems, for everything from beach safety to park management.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

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