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Making the most of your security investments


While there are instances where security guards offer the most appropriate line of defence, even the most skilled and diligent security guards can benefit from the support of surveillance technology. Combining security guards with remote CCTV cameras creates a potent defence strategy that saves money, enhances efficiency and improves security outcomes.

In the security industry, the number one priority is meeting the safety needs of clients. While human guards can respond to the unpredictable and varied nature of security challenges, they can’t be present at every moment.

Security guards are susceptible to lapses in attention, fatigue and burnout, especially during overnight shifts or extended hours. Unexpected absences or inefficient resources for human guards can leave gaps in security coverage that criminals can exploit.

This is where Spectur remote CCTV systems come into play, offering new opportunities for enhanced security and efficiency.

Every corner in sight

When you need to monitor and protect larger sites, Spectur remote cameras can help ensure real-time coverage of the entire vicinity 24/7. At the perimeter of the site, the presence of security cameras can deter trespassers and criminals from entering without the use of guards, reducing the likelihood of a security breach and confrontation.

Spectur camera systems take deterrence to the next level, utilising loud voice warnings and powerful LED lights that illuminate areas after dark.

During nighttime patrols or difficult weather conditions, Spectur CCTV can support visibility. Featuring clear night vision, motion detection capabilities and a wide view of surroundings, cameras  can assist guards to detect and respond to potential threats.

Spectur camera platforms are built to withstand harsh conditions, require minimal maintenance, and remain online for days through inclement weather, serving as a much-needed solution for off-the-grid security.

See better results

Traditional security patrols run the risk of becoming predictable, potentially compromising their effectiveness and leading malicious actors to take advantage of lax moments. Large sites can also mean personnel are spread thin, leading to fatigue, decreased morale and slower response times.

By alerting guards to suspicious movement, CCTV systems can help focus attention where it’s most required and make patrols more results-oriented.

Spectur systems use cloud-based and/or edge-based AI technology to distinguish human and vehicle activity from other motion, reducing the number of false alarms.

In the event guards are unable to reach a security situation quickly, CCTV can capture and document incidents as they unfold. With the ability to record up to four frames per second in high definition (HD5) or ten FPS in 4K (STA6), Spectur security cameras let you easily access live or pre-recorded data as you need it.

This recorded footage serves as a valuable resource for evidence and police investigations, helping identify intruders and prevent future incidents.

Taking a holistic approach

Security companies are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their operations without compromising on the safety of their clients. By increasing efficiency and reducing redundancies, combining CCTV with security guards can help balance resources effectively.

Reducing the number of security guards required to be physically present on-site leads to significant payroll and operational cost reductions. This financial efficiency translates into more competitive pricing for clients, making security services more accessible to a wider range of businesses and organisations.

CCTV does not undermine the value of security personnel but instead creates a stronger defence. Human guards bring expertise, judgement and the ability to respond with nuanced decision-making. On the other hand, cameras provide continuous surveillance, instant alerts and the ability to cover extensive areas simultaneously.

This synergy can lead to improved client satisfaction. Clients receive a multi-layered security solution that addresses a wider range of potential threats, making their investment in security services even more worthwhile.