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Power environmental solutions with real-time actionable data

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Environmental monitoring is becoming an increasingly important part of efforts to understand, assess and protect the well-being of the environment, ecosystems and communities. Thanks to advancements in technology, monitoring capabilities are more accessible across various industries and organisations. However, the challenge lies in how to seamlessly capture this data in one central location, and then turn this data into actionable insights.

With the growing challenges posed by climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and resource depletion, the need for environmental data has never been more critical.

Environmental data can help track trends, identify threats to ecosystems and biodiversity and understand the impact human activities have on the environment. This information can then be used to inform policy decisions, guide sustainable development, empower conservation efforts and more.

However, the sheer complexity of environmental systems often makes it challenging to capture all relevant variables accurately. In order to make the right environmental decisions, raw data must be captured and converted into useful formats for decision making. There’s also challenges related to data management, storage and sharing, including issues of data security and privacy.

Creating actionable insights

The more data and processing power that managers have access to, the better they can protect people, assets and the environment. By harnessing a wide range of collated data to create visualisations and insights, Spectur’s cloud-based software as a service solution – Envirocoms is a key tool for understanding and manage environmental challenges.

Using a spectrum of environmental sensors, GPS locations and CCTV systems, Envirocoms employs machine learning algorithms to create actionable, resource-efficient insights. It’s the only platform capable of integrating the power of 24 hour CCTV video (machine vision) with sensors (Internet of Things) and 3rd party data, and operates using accredited cyber-security data practices.

Envirocoms digests data from a range of sensors, and transforms it into a simple, easily consumable format. This allows for minute, hourly and daily snapshots of monitoring points, and can visually record the history of any project. Typical uses for the platform include but are not limited to coastal monitoring, smart city applications, public space management, people counting, beach monitoring, flood monitoring and broad environmental data management.

Better data collaboration

Through integration with any weather provide or authority, like the Bureau of Meteorology, Envirocoms also provides real-time weather data and forecasting. Leveraging the Core Technology Platform, it enables seamless integration to other products like Coastalcoms, Live Stream, Smart Apps and Secure Go. Datasets can be shared securely across projects, users and organisations in seconds, serving as a place for teams to collaborate effectively.

The platform can send urgent alerts like Early Warnings to phone and email, ensuring that managers can stay on top of their projects and proactively react quickly to any abnormalities based on data parameter rules. By quickly communicating changes, users have more time to prepare and respond to challenges, often resulting a better outcome including time and money saved.

Envirocoms offers a flexible API, which can be customised to suit the needs of any integration to existing customer platforms a=or reporting tools. The platform is Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing organisations to pay as they go and scale to their needs.

Bridging the gap between data and action is no easy feat, but with the right platforms, organisations can make smarter decisions and guide the way towards positive environmental outcomes.