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Remote Surveillance Systems

Addressing the most significant risks to building site security.

The right remote video surveillance system can be used to protect your assets and ensure the safety of both employees and members of the public. While it’s easy to set up a security system indoors, outdoor surveillance over large areas pose a lot of problems. Leaving property completely unattended is risky, so having a security system in place to deter crime before it happens and immediately alert you to any suspicious activity is necessary.

What is a remote site?​

There are many factors that might make a site remote, the most obvious one being where it is situated. However, there are many other factors such as size, access to power or internet, distance from other sites, location, the volume of people in the area, and the number of staff onsite.


If the site is a significant distance from your other locations, then it might be days or even weeks before you would be aware of any damage. This can be an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating problem.


Powering a site for the purpose of security is not an easy or cheap option and could also be unreliable or tampered with. While hiring a security guard is expensive and not as effective when the area to secure covers many hectares.


Among other restrictions that come from having a remote site, they can also become extremely susceptible to theft, trespassing, damage and vandalism, by people, animals or weather conditions.


There are additional challenges to consider for outdoor security beyond just power. Extreme weather conditions can interrupt traditional feeds that need a Wi-Fi-connection and in severe cases, damage the system altogether. Remote technology must not only be able to operate with a plug, but it must also be durable to stand up to the elements and avoid tampering.


Finding a well-rounded security deterrence system and is already difficult, and for remote locations, those challenges are only amplified.

What makes a good remote surveillance system?

Solar Power

Solar Power

A system that is fully powered by solar cells allows it to be portable and operational in even the most remote locations. With an additional battery for backup storage, the system can still function for up to four days without sunlight. You can be assured that there won’t be a lapse in security.

3G4G Connection

3G/4G Connection

You cannot expect to operate cameras in a remote location with a Wi-Fi connection. A surveillance system that uses a 3G/4G wireless connection solves this common problem.

Audio and Visual Warnings

Audio and Visual Warnings

Advanced motion detection made possible by advanced artificial intelligence technology minimises false alarms. When an object is detected, a pre-recorded audio message can be played and light will immediately be shed on the situation. White LED lights allows the camera to capture colour images for easier viewing and subject identification. This will deter any trespassers from acting on their malicious intent.

24/7 Live Feed

24/7 Live Feed

Being able to access live, HD footage of your assets takes the pressure off monitoring remote properties. Day or night, you can access remote viewing on your mobile device of even large or abnormal spaces

Some other features that make a remote surveillance system a valuable investment include:

Receive Instant

Receive instant email alerts when activated


Removable and reusable equipment can be used at different locations when you need them to.


Ability to manage settings and view recordings remotely on your mobile.

Thermal Imaging

Additional thermal imaging technology can detect human activity up to 1km away.

Monitor Battery

Monitor battery usage, signal strength, and the number and type of equipment activations to maximise video feed or warning system uptime.


Integrate multiple cameras for a full comprehensive view of your property.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

Who is benefitting from remote security?

Anyone can use remote security to their benefit, but it’s especially useful for some specific positions and industries:

The real-world results speak for themselves​

BMC Logo

BMC Constructions

We were experiencing a significant amount of loss on our project sites and we needed a solution to our security dilemma. Since changing to Spectur, we’ve had a mass reduction in theft. We’re saving more than $100K annually in security fees compared to the other solutions we were using.

Marsupial Logo

Marsupial Landscape Management

Our compound was experiencing a significant amount of theft. Since we started using Spectur’s product a few months ago, we’ve seen a mass reduction in theft and false alarms compared to the solution we previously used.

Monford Logo

Monford Group

“Spectur’s solar security system as it is easy to use & to set up. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. An added bonus is the time-lapse & live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there.”

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