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Residential Building

Residential building sites face multiple security and monitoring challenges. With tight margins, any cost overruns due to damage, theft, safety incidents and their resulting delays can cripple a building project. Theft is difficult or expensive to stop with traditional security solutions. Our security platforms help site managers reduce crime and safety risks. They can be use for the tracking of trades, deliveries and building progress. Keeping a record of what has happened on site can help resolve disputes rapidly when the right evidence is available. Designed to work within a residential building environment, our solutions can be installed anywhere with access to sunlight. It can be relocated for a relatively low cost when the building environment shifts or changes.


Preventing theft before it happens

Thieves target building sites for high-value building materials, copper, tools, and other equipment. Theft not only comes from outsiders, but insiders such as trades people. Residential building sites also attract vandals and drug users, which can cause project delays and significant costs. Just knowing a site is using building security camera surveillance to record all site activity can be enough to deter thieves from a project. Our robust security solutions stop crime before it happens. Supplement our camera solutions with extra sensors on gates, containers, vehicles and elsewhere to identify people or vehicles to provide further deterrents.

Keeping workers and visitors safe on site

Keeping people out of construction sites ensures their safety. Construction security camera systems can also help keep people within construction sites away from exclusion zones. A video record of safety breaches, events or incidents can be useful to understand what happened and make sure it does not happen again. Our solutions use a combination of AI, motion detection and gridded video analysis able to identify people and vehicles at certain times and places. It warns people through spoken and visual warnings not to enter.

Remote surveillance and time-lapse video capture

Multiple projects in different areas, pandemic related lockdowns and limitations in staffing can all mean it is difficult to keep track of what is occurring on site. Remote surveillance gives project managers, construction managers and even owners “eyes on site” from the comfort of their phone, tablet or computer. In addition to this easy live viewing solution, time-lapse capture can be used to provide a record of activity on a site during a build, which can even be converted into a video for marketing purposes in the future.

Related Products


For builders seeking a truly versatile platform that can solve multiple issues from the one system, the STA6 platform delivers with its starlight 4K optical cameras. It features the option to expand the field of view from 90 to 360-degree vision. Use the STA6 platform to autonomously solve security, surveillance, safety, and broader sensing challenges. With optional wireless sensors, extend security out-of-sight to specific gates, doors, latches, and other sensitive areas.


Our HD5 platform suits builders looking for a cost-effective single camera solution that best suits close-range surveillance and security applications. With a full-colour, high-definition camera and cloud-based AI, the HD5 delivers a leading performance in a compact, fit-for-purpose package.

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