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At Spectur, we collaborate with security providers to deliver solutions that help them extend their security monitoring systems and security guard presence. As a technology provider, we deliver ongoing technical support, upgrades, and solutions to our security partners across Australia.

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Perimeter intrusion detection systems

Fences provide a great first line of defence, but they have limitations. Trespassers can climb or cut them or find other ways to get around them. Dark sites with scalable fences present an attractive opportunity for thieves, vandals, or those criminals who want to disrupt a business. Our security and surveillance solutions can watch perimeters and sensitive areas. Carefully gridded zones of interest can immediately identify intrusion, which triggers a response.

CCTV Heatmap

Immediate alerts

When triggered, our platform sends alerts via the Spectur app, email or 3rd party video management system to an individual or monitoring service. These can be used to dispatch guard services that are not on site. At the same time, the platform deploys audible and visual alerts. Images of the intrusion are streamed live to the security provider and the cloud so they can assess what is happening in real time on site.

Security Notification

Remote monitoring

When events occur, security providers can remotely access live or pre-recorded data independently and remotely in real time. Spectur provide the technology and security providers supply the rest. To validate their presence on site when on patrol, security guards can move within the detection zone of the camera systems. Security companies can offer their end customers login details, allowing them to take advantage of surveillance or time-lapse capabilities when the systems are not being used for security applications.

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Flexible security solutions

Security providers can deploy fixed, trailer and mobile base solutions to shift the Spectur systems within or between sites. We offer our solutions to security companies to rent or buy outright. We also offer advanced solutions, additional switches and sensors to extend the range and detection capabilities of our solutions.

STA6 Security Camera

Lighting solutions

In some situations, all a site needs to deter would-be criminals is improved lighting. We provide fixed or mobile solar lighting solutions that security providers can deploy separately or integrate with other security and surveillance solutions.

Related Products


The STA6s suits security providers who need multi-camera or longer-range solutions. Our starlight 4K optical cameras have the option to expand the field of view from 90 degrees to a panoramic 360-degree vision. The STA6s platform can autonomously solve security and surveillance challenges. The optional wireless sensors allow for security to be extended out-of-sight to specific gates, doors, latches, and other sensitive areas.


For the security provider looking for a cost-effective single camera solution suitable for closer range surveillance and security applications, the HD5 delivers. A full-colour, high-definition camera and with cloud-based AI solutions, the HD5 delivers an exceptional performance in a compact, fit-for-purpose package.

Solar Lighting

We offer fixed or mobile solar lighting solutions that can standalone or be combined and integrated with other security and surveillance technology. Our lighting solutions are available to rent or buy.

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