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Trailers and Bases

One of the best aspects of Spectur solar powered solutions is that they can be mounted practically anywhere without the need for truck or crane access.

Spectur can provide Australian-made mobile surveillance trailer mounting solutions to rent or buy, from no-frills modular options through to high-powered off-road units to support our most powerful processors, multiple cameras, lights and other accessories.

You might choose an in-ground installation to suit your needs, or speak with us about mobile solutions. These include concrete blocks engineered for crane and forklift handling, as well as a metal shell solution that can be hand-installed and assembled with sandbag deadweights.

Solar-Powered Lighting

Spectur camera systems come with 50W standard or optional floodlights for active deterrence, but you can also supplement this with reliable solar-powered lighting to illuminate your site throughout the night.

These lights don’t require fixed cables and are therefore very simple to install. They can be used in isolation to provide excellent deterrence and improved access for night works. They’re also ideal if you’re looking to further enhance the high night vision quality of our camera systems.

As with our camera platforms, these lighting accessories are available to buy, lease or hire.


The Spectur ecosystem can connect via NBlot, LoRaWAN, WiFi, Bluetooth or through almost any other custom solution, providing a vast range of options. We can integrate in-house or third-party sensors, so you can warn and receive alerts for anything from sharks to bushfires. Trigger switches can be integrated to alert you if important tools or plant equipment are taken offsite, while accelerometer technology could be used to notify you of bridge strikes. Perhaps you want to monitor environmental changes and be alerted to any threshold breaches.

These are just a few options – contact Spectur to discuss our full accessory range and customisation options.

Smart Devices

In addition to our standard actions of voice, lighting and alerts, Spectur platforms are increasingly able to support other actions. Current solutions include a full VOIP phone, incorporating high quality two-way audio with noise cancellation and a 2MP camera for one-way video. This is supplemented with a smart digital signboard, fully remotely programmable and suitable for communicating at scale across a site, anywhere, anytime.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

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