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ERB6 Camera System

Making communities safer,
smarter and more sustainable

Advanced Emergency Warning Platform Solution

The ERB6 platform is the first responder, lifeguard or ranger you do not have. It provides camera vision and connectivity to remote sensors, along with warnings through broadcast, spoken messages, and high-visibility lighting. The system can also provide two-way communication via a camera-enabled VoIP phone connected to any control room or person.

The fully wireless, solar-battery-powered ERB6 platform can be rapidly installed anywhere you can walk, reducing risks at your beaches, parks, construction sites or wherever outdoor hazards exist.

The ERB6 can also be used for security, beach usage monitoring and other smart city applications, leveraging artificial intelligence.

Collect 4K
time-lapse images
Leverage “smart
cities” solutions
Link your remote
Solve an expanding
range of challenges

ERB6 Features

The ERB6 system excels in rugged 2-way audio and one-way video VOIP communication, featuring advanced noise-canceling technology.

The ERB6 is underwritten by a 2-year electronics power and peripherals, a 5-year mechanical warranty, reducing residual commercial risk. The ERB6 is supported by existing systems. Its adaptability extends to integration with third-party AI applications supporting security, people counting, social distancing, and an expanding array of sensing and AI solutions.

Installation is versatile—whether in-ground, concrete block, or steel mobile base, it operates fully wirelessly.


Powerful 4K video camera system suitable for live viewing and visual AI applications.


High-powered loudspeaker to deliver fully programmable spoken alerts to a wide area.


Bright warning lights, visible at long distances, to alert the community out.

two way com

Two-way, noise-canceling communication to allow the public to contact first responders.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, for Australian conditions, by Australians.

Some ERB6 applications

  • Site emergency warnings
  • Beach conditions and shark sightings
  • Flood and fire early warnings
  • Issuing notifications and updates in remote unstaffed locations such as camp sites, national parks, etc.

ERB6 Specifications

Primary Camera 4k Video Camera
Primary loud speaker 15 Watts - 98 dBA Speaker
Internal Computer Quad Core Processor with Spectur analytics software built in
Enclosure Powder coated custom designed aluminum case
Light 1× 15W bright LED flashing lights
Solar Panel STA-Power Unit with 200W panel
Battery 100 AH Lithium Ion
Modem Industrial grade 4G modem with advanced analytics
VoIP Dual noise-canceling microphone, speaker and secondary eye-level 2MP HD camera. Remotely programmable

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Why Should I use Spectur's Camera Solutions

Deter thefts using built-in floodlights and custom messaging sirens, backed by powerful AI to minimise false detections.

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Australian-made for secure information with NDAA cameras, and all data stored in Australia.

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