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HD5 Camera System

The HD5 Is the Practical Choice for Many Security and Surveillance Applications

It provides reliable, full-colour, high-definition single camera solutions in a robust solar and battery-powered platform. Combining passive infrared and camera-based detection with cloud-based visual AI applications, onboard speakers and lighting systems, the HD5 has been the solution of choice for thousands of applications across Australia.


Crisp, full-colour HD vision

When you need clear colour vision, day and night, the HD5 delivers. In full colour and with its in-built 50W floodlight, you can clearly observe movement and record vision that suits security and surveillance applications. With its cloud-supported AI-based detection, it sorts people and vehicles from animals, clouds and other objects, making it the leader in false alarm reduction.

construction Security systems

Powerful warning & deterrence

Using sensors to trigger a powerful floodlight and its loud, onboard speaker, the HD5 warns or deters criminals with a clear spoken message when the platform detects intrusions. The iconic profile of the HD5 is a clear sign to would-be criminals that it’s there for security and surveillance.


Flexible integrations

The HD5 and all Spectur camera platforms are ONVIF compliant so that you can integrate them with other existing video management systems or third-party AI software.

From simple to complex needs, urban or remote applications, there’s a Spectur system to suit.

"Braven Group Services has an integrator relationship with Spectur, and we love how their products help our customers who require a stand-alone, portable solution for security. The time-lapse, live view and monitoring features are a great help and the web-based platforms are easy to use."

Braven Group Services




The HD5 is the practical choice to reduce crime and provide 24-7 surveillance in unwired environments. This proven security system can detect movement across a 45 to 110-degree field of view or in response to passive infrared detection. Using the power of cloud-based AI, the HD5 determines if the movement captured is a vehicle or person and not an animal, cloud, or some other object.

It then activates an appropriate and fully programmable response without the inconvenience of excessive false alarms. The HD5 gives you the confidence that the smart system will identify and record unexpected visitors as they enter and move about your site.

CCTV transmission


With the HD5, you can observe what’s happening on site, anytime, from either a phone app or the web interface. The digital zoom, pan and tilt functions allow closer scrutiny of the high-definition images without compromising gridding and detection applications.

Experience the convenience of not having to be on site or travel there to see what’s happening at any time. Observe deliveries or when workers, customers or other people are present. Use the surveillance vision to better understand how work is progressing, the conditions in the field and other information necessary for assessing risk and making informed decisions.

Time-lapse capture

The HD5 records crisp images at your choice of intervals in High Definition or optional 4K. It stores the images securely in the cloud. You can access these images to create a time-lapse video. Use the time-lapse video to manage subcontractors or document changes to a site over time, which suits insurance claims. Record your development’s progress in a time-lapse video you can share across social media or in advertising.



The HD5 platform with its fully internal and robust camera housing is ideal for providing a robust safety and warning system in harsh environments. In response to visual AI activation, remote or local sensor triggers or manual intervention, the HD5 in isolation or as a fleet can issue loud audible warnings with associated visible warnings (including optional smart signboards). Whether it is as a muster point or as a community warning system, the HD5 platforms can sense or be informed of hazards, make decisions in isolation or respond directly with remote human intervention to warn and communicate.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

The real-world results speak for themselves

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BMC Constructions

We were experiencing a significant amount of loss on our project sites and we needed a solution to our security dilemma. Since changing to Spectur, we’ve had a mass reduction in theft. We’re saving more than $100K annually in security fees compared to the other solutions we were using.
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Marsupial Landscape Management

Our compound was experiencing a significant amount of theft. Since we started using Spectur’s product a few months ago, we’ve seen a mass reduction in theft and false alarms compared to the solution we previously used.
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Monford Group

Spectur’s solar security system as it is easy to use & to set up. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. An added bonus is the time-lapse & live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there.

Other Products


The STA6 platform is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available, delivering unmatched power and capability to sense, think and act. Its long-range sensing and detection capabilities support a multitude of security and surveillance applications. Offering superb low-light 4K vision, it’s the perfect camera choice for all light conditions.


Supplement and extend the range and detection of the Spectur platform options with accessories that support our exceptional camera and lighting solutions. Our sensor bollards target high-value items on a site while the all-terrain solar trailer gives you efficient mobility. Our solar lighting options complement solar deterrent platforms, providing a cost-effective solution to keep your site fully illuminated, safe and secure.

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