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STA6-240X Camera System

Sensing, Thinking and Acting

Spectur’s STA6-240X mains-powered and extendable modular platform brings the power and flexibility of Spectur outdoor solutions to wired and indoor locations.

The STA6-240X also brings the flexibility to locate cameras and other sensors on the unit or up to 100m from the unit – even outdoors! Boasting the latest in integrated electronics, our mains-powered solution ties in seamlessly with the rest of our solar- powered Sense Think Act® range.

Lithium battery backup combined with 4G connectivity provides the same Spectur peace-of-mind that the system can resist wired power and internet interruptions.

The STA6-240X builds on over a decade of experience in the harshest of environments to deliver the most reliable and effective security platform.

Collect 4K

“smart cities”

Link your
remote sensors

Solve an
expanding range
of challenges

magnifying lens

Stop crime

Illegal dumping

warning icon

Warn your community

  • Site Emergency
  • Muster Points
  • indoor & outdoor emergency

Improved Safety

  • Monitor of PPE
  • Identify who is on site and when
  • Exclusion zone monitoring

STA6-240X builds upon over a decade of our
experience in the harshest of environments.
Immediately improve your remote presence in
powered locations with a solution that is
built to last and built for rapid,
Plug-and-Play deployment.”

Standard Included




Camera Multiple Cameras can be installed within 20m of the unit. Optional Power Over Ethernet adapters can allow cameras to be located up to 100m from the unit.
Housing Rugged, corrosion and weather proof, powder coated aluminium enclosure
Pre-configured removable backing plate and conduit knockouts for rapid installation.
Mount Can be mounted on an internal wall, inside a container or any flat surface.
Installation Can be installed anywhere internal or external with preconfigured Plug-and-Play operation. Standard 10 Amp 240V plug for power. No electricians required.
Connectivity Connectivity via 3G/4G/wifi/Satellite
Processor Onboard, customisable and programmable GPU platform (Linux/Tensaflow platforms)
Storage Onboard and cloud (MS Azure) for security and instant access
Integration Suitable for integration with most ONVIF compliant VMS
User Interface iOS and Android Apps, web browser for desktop or via compliant 3rd party VMS
Power 240V with 8 hour battery backup
Size Enclosure size 300 wide x 470 long x 150 high
Weight 8kg total weight
Floodlight Strobe standard, floodlight optional extra
Speaker 15 watt
Antennas can be located remotely to improve reception.
Motion Detection Range 25m
Field of Vision Each camera has a 96° horizontal FOV, 52° vertical FOV, and 114° diagonal FOV. When four cameras are used, they create a 360-degree FOV.

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

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The STA6 platform is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available, delivering unmatched power and capability to sense, think and act. Its long-range sensing and detection capabilities support a multitude of security and surveillance applications. Offering superb low-light 4K vision, it’s the perfect camera choice for all light conditions.


Supplement and extend the range and detection of the Spectur platform options with accessories that support our exceptional camera and lighting solutions. Our sensor bollards target high-value items on a site while the all-terrain solar trailer gives you efficient mobility. Our solar lighting options complement solar deterrent platforms, providing a cost-effective solution to keep your site fully illuminated, safe and secure.

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