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Specialist Solutions


At Spectur, we collaborate with security providers to deliver solutions that help them extend their security monitoring systems and security guard presence. As a technology provider, we deliver ongoing technical support, upgrades, and solutions to our security partners across Australia.

Systems Integrator

The flexible Spectur technology platform makes an ideal partner for systems integrators seeking a hardware and software solution that can be deployed outdoors without cables. From smart city to smart parking, the Spectur ecosystem is designed to make deployment of broader software and hardware solutions easy.

Artificial Intelligence

AI companies focus on developing software-based technology solutions, but rarely develop the hardware platforms to complement them. As Australia’s leading security platform provider, we step up to fill that gap. We design our hardware technology to be modular and open to third-party sensor and visual AI software. When capital hardware costs dominate an overall AI solution, we’re perfectly placed to take on a prime role to deliver a cost-effective AI platform that senses, thinks and acts.

Sensing Applications

The internet of Things (IoT) is expanding and penetrating the wired environment at a rapid pace. It can provide tremendous insights through big data and analytics and be applied to an emergency alert system. Power and data cabling costs and limitations, and locked systems may have stalled growth of the IoT. But at Spectur, we’re driving a powerful shift from current expensive and restricted remote environment systems towards inexpensive and open solutions that can sense, think and act.

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