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STA6s Base

The STA6s Base is the highest quality vision and sensing platform available. It combines exceptional long-range sensing and detection with a multitude of applications. It also offers superb low-light single or dual 4K vision (or long distance thermal), making it the perfect camera choice for any light conditions. This capability is backed by a powerful processor that supports cloud and edge-based visual AI applications. Built-in sensors, microphones, speakers and lighting systems complement the exceptional vision that allows for interacting with the community by delivering pre-recorded or live messages and warnings. The STA6s Base is the right choice for flexible security, surveillance, or productivity applications when you need extended detection and vision.




When you need 24-7 surveillance to reduce crime in an unwired environment, the STA6s Base is the ideal platform. This smart surveillance system can detect movement within the gridded field of view in any light conditions. It uses AI to tell the difference between vehicles, people, animals, clouds and other objects, reducing false alarms. The platform activates a fully programmable response, such as audio messages and lighting the site. Potential offenders know the system has captured them, deterring them from taking further action. It alerts security personnel monitoring the site. It also streams live data and saves a high-quality record of events securely in the cloud, which offenders cannot damage or remove. The record gives you the clear evidence you need to take follow-up action if needed.


With the STA6s Base, you can observe what’s happening on site, anytime, from either a phone app or the web interface. The digital zoom, pan and tilt functions allow closer scrutiny of the high-quality images without compromising gridding and detection applications. The onboard microphone and speaker let you communicate with the site, passing on warnings or instructions.

Experience the convenience of not having to be on site to see what’s happening, 24-7. Observe deliveries and workers, customers, or other people on site. Use the surveillance vision to better understand how work is progressing, the conditions in the field and other information necessary for assessing risk and making informed decisions.

Time-lapse capture

Record crisp images at your choice of intervals in 4k quality. The system stores the images securely in the cloud. You can access them anytime, anywhere. Integrate and edit the images to create a time-lapse video. There are many ways to use time-lapse imagery. Use them to capture a clear record of a site, suitable for insurance claims. Use the vision to manage your subcontractors. Showcase your site’s progress in a time-lapse video and share it on social media or in advertising.

Warning application

The STA6s Base lets you broadcast a loud, programmed or live, spoken warning. Used together with warning lights, you can alert the community of a danger or guide people to a muster point. Use its sensing and AI capabilities to trigger the warning manually or automatically in response to sensing activity. Use the camera vision and onboard microphone and speaker to check and confirm that the community heard and followed the warning advice.

Being able to warn the public of dangerous events without having to attend the site saves time and lives. Because you can use the vision to monitor and confirm the community’s response to warnings, you can then decide which action to take next.

Applications Coming Soon


We are investigating extended safety applications for the STA6s Base. These new applications will help companies manage exclusions zones, control speed, and monitor the use of personal protective equipment.

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