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The STA6 XS Pro is the perfect choice for the most demanding security and surveillance applications. It’s the right choice when you need to combine remote sensing and switching with 360-degree 4K camera vision (or long-range thermal) for flexible security, surveillance or productivity applications in one system. It can connect to remote devices and sensors through multiple communications platforms. It combines the highest quality long-range sensing and detection in all light conditions. It’s powerful processing capability supports cloud and edge-based AI applications. The STA6 XS Pro delivers the power to sense, think and act.




The STA6 XS Pro is the ideal platform to reduce crime and provide 24-7 surveillance in unwired, high-value sites. Delivering all the features of the STA6 XS, this smart surveillance system uniquely supplements the 360-degree camera-based detection with other remote detection devices. Door or window switches, motion detectors, accelerometers, and other remote solar or battery-powered sensors can also be used to activate the STA6 XS Pro in deterrence mode. It can send alerts, even when out of the line of site of the platform. This smart system will identify and record unexpected visitors to your sites without excessive false alarms. The system deters potential offenders from entering the site after sensors trigger appropriate responses. The platform produces a high-quality record of onsite security events. Because the records are stored in the cloud, offenders cannot damage or remove them from the field, giving you the evidence you need to take follow-up action if required.


Observe what’s happening on site, anytime, from either a phone app or via a web browser. Use the digital zoom, pan, and tilt functions to closely scrutinise the high-quality images without compromising gridding and detection applications. The onboard microphone and speaker let you communicate with the site, passing on warnings or instructions.

See what’s happening at any time of the day or night without actually having to be there. You can sight deliveries or watch workers, customers or other people on site. Use the surveillance vision to better understand how a project is progressing, what conditions are like, and gather other information you need to assess risk and make an informed decision.

Remote sensing

The STA6 XS Pro allows surveillance to extend beyond sight and sound. Whether it’s vibration, weather, water level, or air quality, on site remote sensors communicate via our applications to an easy-to-use dashboard and alert system. Want to receive an automatic notification when the temperature exceeds 38 degrees on site? You can with the fully programmable STA6 XS Pro and its associated sensors.

Time-lapse application

The STA6 XS Pro records crisp images at your choice of intervals in 4k quality. The system stores the images securely in the cloud, which you can access at any time and from anywhere. Integrate and edit the images to produce a time-lapse video. Use the video to manage subcontractors or document a time-lapse record of a site, suitable for insurance claims. Showcase your development’s progress in a time-lapse video and use it in advertising or promotion.

Life-saving warnings

Broadcast a loud, programmable, spoken warning together with warning lights to alert the community of a danger or guide people to a muster point without delays and without the need to attend the site. Trigger the warning manually or automatically in response to sensing activity. Use the camera vision and onboard microphone and speaker to confirm the community heard and followed the warning advice. If needed, use the onboard speaker to broadcast further instructions.

Smoke detectors, water level float gauges, air quality sensors and a world of other sensors can be used to remotely sense and communicate with the STA6 XS Pro. These sensors trigger warnings, alerts, and gather data. Depending on which type of communications technologies you use, these sensors can be up to 20km away and still accessible to the amazing power of the STA6 XS Pro.

Applications Coming Soon


We are also investigating extended safety applications for the STA6. These new applications will help companies manage exclusions zones, control speed, and monitor the use of personal protective equipment.

If you have a wireless sensing application that you need help developing a solution for, please contact us. Our team can investigate how we can address your need, even if you don’t need supplementary vision.


We are investigating sensing applications to address smoke, fire, and weather as an early warning for fire. We are also looking at using sensing applications for noise, vibration, and air quality to support compliance requirements. Other sensing applications we’re investigating include surface and ground water levels, pressures, and flows, and environmental monitoring.

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