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White Paper

Thanks for downloading Spectur’s white paper: Sense, think, act: how smart technology is making communities safer.

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Spectur unveils cutting-edge camera solution

Leading provider of security, safety, environmental monitoring and AI solutions Spectur has unveiled its latest product, the HD6, a powerful single camera platform that delivers industry leading reliable and effective security and Surveillance in even the most remote locations.

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Improving communities with better data

For local and state governments and other organisations, having an accurate and up-to-date understanding of what’s happening is essential for effectively managing resources, ensuring community safety and tackling challenges with greater efficiency. Embracing technology that offers real-time insights on the movement of people and vehicles in public spaces can support organisations in making better decisions while fostering more connected, secure and thriving communities.

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Spectur Launches Revolutionary Remote Power Solution

Leading provider of security, safety and environmental monitoring, AI solutions and platforms, Spectur has launched its latest product, STA-Power, a modular solar-battery and communications system that provides power for technology anywhere the sun shines.

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