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Solar-Powered Wireless Surveillance Cameras for 24/7 Monitoring, Even on Remote Sites.

Deploy these Australia-made surveillance solutions to watch your site at any time, from anywhere.

Spectur’s solar powered surveillance cameras make it easy to monitor, manage and investigate activity remotely.

24/7 mobile access

See who's onsite 24/7

Whether you’re managing the productivity of teams, checking whether a delivery has arrived, capturing promotional time lapse footage or simply assessing weather onsite, a Spectur outdoor camera system allows you to immediately see changes and conditions via 24/7 mobile access. You’ll be able to assess security risks and make clearly informed decisions, even if you’re hundreds or thousands of kilometres away at the time. Our cameras have a multitude of features for improved 24/7 surveillance, including a wide field of vision, wireless capability, clear night vision, motion detection and more. Besides screening for security threats, Spectur’s outdoor security camera systems will allow you to store, build and view time lapse footage anytime via cloud video storage.

View build time lapse anytime via cloud

Immediately assess

Spectur watches for you, using the latest technology in AI and motion detection to recognise suspicious activity from humans and vehicles. You or your security provider will then immediately receive smart mobile alerts via the Spectur app on your phones, or via email or third-party VMS. Video and imagery can be streamed live so you can assess what’s happening and dispatch security personnel as required. Meanwhile, the platform can deploy bright visual and spoken audio alerts to actively deter potential intruders. The security camera system includes device and cloud-based video storage, which you can use for recording CCTV and events on the site for record keeping. It will even capture images regularly, which you can later use to build a timelapse movie.

Perimeter security systems

Reduce crime & costs

Spectur’s live online monitoring system is ideal for perimeter security, motion detection and the protection of valuable materials onsite. Video cameras with night vision ensure you can secure perimeters at any time. Install our outdoor cameras at strategic points along fences and in vulnerable areas - our cameras are wireless and battery-powered, so you won’t need cabling or trenches. With carefully gridded zones of interest, Spectur’s security cameras can immediately identify intrusion and trigger a rapid response. Our camera systems don’t just monitor either - with a suite of visual and spoken alarms, a Spectur system can deter crime before it even happens to protect your property.

Surveillance Review

Review incidents clearly

With the ability to record up to four frames per second in high definition (HD6) or ten FPS in 4K (STA6), Spectur’s security cameras let you easily access live or pre-recorded data as you need it. Investigate safety incidents, review all events and motion on a site as they happened, and maintain a secure online data record for claims management. You can also create clear time-lapses to assess environmental changes, or to manage and market projects.

A visualisation of a smart city and network, connected by Spectur solar cameras.

Create time lapse

You can also easily produce high quality time lapses using your Spectur solar and battery powered cameras. Simply choose your frame rate and and time parameters to remotely download a professional looking time lapse video. This can be an ideal option to assess environmental changes, to monitor onsite safety and to manage and market projects.

Install quickly & securely

Quick setup comes as standard with Spectur's wireless security cameras. These rugged outdoor cameras can operate anywhere with 3G/4G reception, thanks to in-built modems. Data is remotely and securely stored, so vandals have no incentive to damage the equipment. And with no power cable to consider, each system can be installed and mobilised to suit your surveillance needs.


Choose your security style

Spectur security cameras can be configured to alert your own security personnel or your outsourced security provider, including Spectur's security service. Because sites can be remotely monitored together with active deterrence and instant alerts, you can minimise the number of security personnel needed to monitor multiple sites cost-effectively.

There’s a Spectur surveillance solution for every need, all supported by our Australian-based technology team.

“We are extremely happy with our Spectur system. Since installation, we have had two people enter the site and both times the monitoring company rang within a minute of them entering.”

Dredge Earthmoving

Two powerful security camera platforms for surveillance

Whether you’re looking for outdoor security cameras to manage illegal dumping, or multiple wireless security cameras to deter intruders from remote sites, there are Spectur wireless security cameras to suit. Whichever platform you use, you can be confident our quality components will deliver reliable solar operation, long battery life and and superb image quality for site protection. Long range thermal options are also available for infrared night vision.


The STA6s is our ultimate platform and ideal for larger sites. This wireless camera system levels up with the choice of up to four 4K ultralow-light imagery or long-range thermal cameras for exceptional long-range sensing and detection. The STA6s supports cloud and edge-based AI applications and can record and stream live video as well as stills. With onboard sensors, microphones for two way audio communication, speakers and a bright floodlight, the surveillance camera system provides options for 360-degree vision and integration with remote sensing or switching devices. ​

The go-anywhere achiever. The HD6 has been the solution of choice for thousands of sites across Australia and beyond with its robust full-colour high-definition camera, cloud-based AI, built-in floodlight, speakers and optional thermal imaging. It detects and actively deters threats onsite and can be integrated with a range of custom sensing and warning applications. This robust solar and battery-powered security camera platform can be rapidly deployed without power or internet cabling, and is cost-effective to support the installation of multiple cameras.

Spectur can also provide accessories to suit your site needs. Each security camera platform can be mounted on mobile trailers for flexible operation, supplemented by solar lighting for excellent night vision and integrated with your sensors and IoT systems of choice for sophisticated surveillance.


Protecting valuables & monitoring progress onsite


PV Group is a respected builder in Queensland, but its sites had been experiencing costly break-ins and theft. $4,000 worth of copper pipe and cabling was removed in one such break-in, requiring electrical and plumbing work to be redone with further cost to the business.


PV Group installed the Spectur HD6 security camera onsite to provide 24/7 surveillance and active deterrence. Not only has this system helped to alleviate crime and pilfering of valuable materials onsite, but it’s also providing a useful monitoring and reviewing system for project managers at PV Group. “The camera has helped us prevent costly break ins, plus it saves me time needing to visit the site when I can watch progress on camera. I would normally visit a site each day, but now I am only there three days a week.”

Designed for Australian environments
Solutions for cloud & edge-based AI
Add IoT integration to sense and warn
Security camera data is stored in Australia
We support diverse clients, from government and utilities to construction and residential buildings. Whatever your project, we can help.

“Spectur’s solar security system is as easy to use as it is to setup. We have not had any incidents occur while Spectur’s system has been installed. An added bonus is the timelapse and live view features which allow us to keep images of our build and keep an eye on our sites when we cannot be there.”

BMD Constructions

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You might have noticed more and more solar surveillance solutions overlooking construction sites in your local area lately. There’s a great reason for this – in fact, there are several. 

Most popular security camera systems use passive infrared sensors (PIRs) to detect and visible light to capture imagery of trespassers, thieves, squatters and vandals.

Security systems can range under $100 through to many thousands – but as with most things in life, it’s worth seeking out quality as well as appropriate fit to needs. 

Whether your site challenge is simple or complex, speaking with a Spectur expert can help you solve it.

See what else Spectur can do


Spectur systems actively detect and deter intruders with bright light and a loud spoken warning. Our cloud-based Artificial Intelligence distinguishes people and vehicles from other movements to minimise false alarms.

Warning Systems

From shark and beach warning systems, to fire and flood alarms, Spectur surveillance systems are being used to keep communities safe around Australia. Integrate your sensors to respond and rapidly alert people to incoming danger when your emergency responders are far from site.

Sensing & AI Solutions

Spectur security cameras are designed for interoperability, unlocking the possibilities of AI and the Internet of Things. Many sensors and third-party software can be integrated to develop the security, monitoring, sensing (or acting) systems you need.

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