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From security applications to smart parking to broader smart city solutions, the range and application of camera based technology continues to expand. Increasing demand for wireless solutions with a fast installation turnaround time presents challenges for systems integrators. Spectur’s intelligent security integration solutions quickly deliver temporary or permanent, cost-effective solutions. With the ability to integrate our wireless systems into existing video management, parking, smart city or other applications, costs of expansion are only incremental.

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Extending wired security systems

We can integrate out solutions into other 3rd party applications via ONVIF conformant video management systems (VMS) interfacing to systems such as Milestone and Genetec. This allows our hardware platforms (via our cloud software) to be easily integrated with existing wired camera solutions. Totally wire-free, we’ve removed the need for power and internet cabling. Smart data and power management tools ensure that excessive data costs and flat batteries are easily avoided. We offer mobile, trailer and temporary fixed solutions. No matter what the application, we can get the system operational within days, and sometimes within as little as an hour.

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Integrating with smart parking and smart city applications

You can integrate our security system solutions easily into existing smart parking or other smart city applications. You can also incorporate our solutions into existing VMS integrations and access the feed remotely. Our friendly technology team of software and hardware engineers can support your integrations.

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Fully programmable solutions

As a fully programmable edge and cloud-based solution, we can work with system integrators to provide a fully integrated system. All the capabilities of our solutions remain accessible, including smart city and parking applications. Systems integrators can also deploy edge-based artificial intelligence or other applications to Spectur platforms.

Extending gateways

Spectur solutions can operate as extended gateways for wifi, LoRaWAN, Bluetooth and other communications configurations. This allows other devices, sensors, switches and controls to be accessed, analysed, operated and managed either through the Spectur dashboards or via other solutions. Spectur can also provide full installation and maintenance services for sensors, gateways and camera platforms in all major cities.


Related Products


The STA6 suits a security system service provider that needs a multi-camera or longer-range solution. With starlight 4K optical cameras and the option to expand the field of view from 90 to 360-degree vision, the STA6 platform can autonomously solve security and surveillance challenges. It can be a generic edge and cloud-based platform for other applications. The STA6 XS can also operate as a gateway for a range of other communication technologies, offering cost-effective network extensions in the short or long term.


The HD5 suits systems integrators seeking a cost-effective single camera that delivers high-definition vision in full-colour. This technology is perfect for closer range surveillance. The HD5 delivers an exceptional performance even under Australia’s harsh conditions. Compact and fit-for-purpose, this security solution integrates with cloud-based applications and AI.

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