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Remote Viewing

Remote Security Surveillance Cameras.

Wireless outdoor security camera system with remote viewing

Our solar security cameras are completely wireless, making them an ideal choice for a remote security surveillance system. Incorporating quality, Australian-designed and manufactured technology,solar panels, each Spectur solar-powered, wireless security camera system with remote viewing can last up to 4 days without sunlight. The built-in 3G/4G modem transmits data in realtimereal-time, giving you the capability to monitor remote sites with reliable, high definition footage. More than just cameras, these systems can also deter crime through automated alerts, floodlighting and spoken warnings.

Spectur 4G Wireless

Wireless outdoor security camera system with remote viewing

Having a remote or off-the-grid site doesn’t mean you should have to compromise with insufficient video monitoring. Our solar security cameras offer crystal clear images, with multiple images captured within a single second, allowing you to clearly monitor site security and track site progress wherever you are. Each Spectur remote video surveillance monitoring system utilises AI technology to cleverly detect human and vehicle activity, alerting you instantly of suspicious activity without the false alarms, while simultaneously emitting a loud spoken warning and lighting to deter criminals. All of our cameras have 4 powerful in-built features that are supported by a proprietary cloud system: live viewing on demand, alarms, CCTV and time lapse.

With Spectur solar cameras available for purchasing as well as our security camera hire and leasing plans, finding the right remote security surveillance solution for your remote site doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming.

The benefits of the Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras


Spectur’s cloud-based solar powered cameras are the ultimate security solution for remote sites. The solar and battery technology within used to power each camera system delivers ensures reliable footage and cutting edge sensing capabilities throughout the day and night, giving you complete remote control of your site. As an environmentally friendly option, solar powered cameras are quick and easy to install and cannot be disconnected as they are not reliabledo not rely on local power supplies. This means they will be unaffected by area blackouts or substandard power sources.

Choice of alarm
& recording modes

Spectur solar cameras possess programmed personalisation options, so you can be certain that your security solution is optimised for your specific needs. The IoT-enabled platform supporting each solar camera enhances their detection of hazards and intrusions, allowing for your chosen alarm to be emitted upon the sensing of an intrusion or weather event. Your system will record and send alerts to you whenever and however you program it to.

Time lapse

Each Spectur camera has built-in time lapse functionality that is stored to the cloud for immediate remote access. Time lapse footage is a simple and cost-effective tool for project management, forensic analysis, detailed project documentation and marketing.

Spoken Warnings

Pre-recorded spoken warnings are a highly-effective means of deterring trespassers. Sirens and whoop-whoop alarms can be ignored, but speech works. If an unauthorised person enters your site, your Spectur solar camera will illuminate the area and issue your pre-recorded spoken warning - all while recording the intruder in high definition so that you can provide law enforcement with quality evidence.

remote viewing

Spectur solar cameras deliver reliable real-time remote viewing. Accessing live and recorded footage of your remote site provides ease of mind while also ensuring the safety of both employees and members of the public. The durable materials and advanced technology that is manufactured into each Spectur solar camera means you can access real time remote viewing throughout low light, night time and extreme weather conditions. With 24/7 mobile viewing available, you can keep an eye on your site no matter where in the world you are.

Smart motion

Using the latest smart motion detection technology, Spectur solar cameras simplify the process of managing and investigating remote site activity. The AI-powered smart motion capabilities of Spectur solar cameras allow for interoperability, meaning that your camera system can be integrated with multiple sensors and third party software to provide a custom security solution. Additional smart motion features include GPS tracking, reed switches and accelerometers - all powered by the IoT.

Full monitoring
station integration

Do you work with a security service? Spectur can be easily configured to send instant alerts to your monitoring service, or alternatively to our own professional monitoring and guard service. Our tech can even help reduce reliance on security guards while maintaining active protection against intrusion, theft and vandalism.

Bright white
LED lighting

A Spectur wireless security camera system with remote viewing includes a 50W floodlight and/or smart LED lighting. As an alert is triggered these lights autonomously switch on, as the audio message plays. We can supply additional solar lighting to further.

Watch the Spectur Solar Security Camera
Stop a Crime in Progress

Compare camera systems for your remote
monitoring solution

If you’re looking for live and remote monitoring with clarity, Spectur has two solar security camera models to suit that are much more than just cameras. We’d be happy to guide you through the best option to meet your needs, whether to buy, hire or lease.


The unmatched STA6 series specialises in long-range monitoring and detection with multiple cameras. The STA6 offers distinct low-light 4K optical vision or long-range thermal vision, providing you with high-quality footage for both real time and hindsight historic viewing. Supported by cutting-edgeadvanced edge and cloud AI, GPS features, speakers, microphone and lighting, the STA6 is easily customisable and integrates smoothly into third-party software. Want immediate alerts in the mode of your choosing? Use the STA6’s in-built alert system to notify your security personnel of occurrences with in-app, web, email or VMS alerts. Unlock complete transparency on your site with an STA6 solution.

artificial intelligence security system the HD5 camera

The HD5 series provides an affordable and comprehensive security solution with a one-camera system that incorporates full-colour HD surveillance capabilities. Powered by a robust solar-powered battery, the HD5 combines passive infrared with cloud-based detection in a single camera. Its cloud-based AI-detection seamlessly differentiates vehicles and people from animals and objects, dramatically minimising false alarms. With industry leading sensor triggers that quickly respond to intruders with floodlights and spoken warnings, the HD5 is a dependable choice for remote sites looking to improve their security.

Applications of Spectur’s outdoor security camera system with remote viewing

Spectur’s surveillance cameras have been deployed across Australia to assist businesses and government agencies to protect remote sites and the people within them from crime, extreme weather events or anyand other potential dangers.


Construction sites are filled with valuable materials and equipment that requires 24/7 protection. Additionally, the hazards within a construction site demand constant attention to ensure work health and safety. Security cameras have proved to be a valuable resource to construction sites, actively deterring trespassers and crime while simultaneously providing management with insights on project developments.

Improve security, productivity and safety on your construction site with a Spectur construction site camera.



Government security systems don’t have to be as costly as they traditionally have been. Spectur’s surveillance cameras operate as highly dependable government security systems, with local and federal governmental agencies across Australia relying on Spectur solutions for their security needs. Government surveillance provides proactive steps in stopping crime by not only acting as a permanent deterrent, but also by ensuring quick responses to emerging problems.

Secure government buildings and public sites such as parks, streets and beaches with an advanced Spectur security system. These systems are also extremely effective at deterring illegal dumping and improving community safety.

beach day

Remote sites

Implementing proper security protocols in a remote site can be as simple as installing a single camera. Security cameras work 24/7 to autonomously deter trespassing, theft, vandalism and illegal dumping in remote sites. From mobile towers to regional farms, key infrastructure requires adequate remote site surveillance with a comprehensive security solution. Spectur platforms can also be used as remote communications, safety and warning platforms – allowing the community to remain connected when otherwise off the grid.

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