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Wireless Viewing

Wireless outdoor security cameras with remote viewing

Secure your site today with a Spectur live monitoring solution

View your site in real time from anywhere, on your phone or computer screen. Spectur’s outdoor wireless security camera system with remote viewing is not only designed for clear monitoring – it can actively prevent crime from happening. Here’s how it works.

The benefits of the Outdoor Wireless Security Cameras


With their robust solar panels and onboard batteries, Spectur systems can operate where most others can’t. These wireless security cameras are completely self-contained, so they’re ideal for remote sites and regular relocations. From carparks to construction sites, you can install Spectur anywhere with mobile reception.

remote viewing

Whether you want to check if a delivery has arrived onsite or to monitor staff safety, Spectur makes it simple to view onsite imagery in real time on your chosen devices. Use the Spectur mobile app for iOS (Apple) and Android to instantly check Live View, Events and CCTV functions – even when you’re nowhere near the actual site.

Smart motion

Many security cameras include motion detection, but Spectur’s proprietary machine learning kicks in to specifically recognise human and vehicle activity. This means you or your security team can be instantly alerted to activity onsite without annoying false alarms from cats, shadows, trees or other incidental activity.

Choice of alarm &
recording modes

Perhaps you don’t want an alarm to sound onsite if an intruder is detected – or maybe you don’t want motion detection applied to that road in the background. Spectur’s intuitive interface makes it simple to adjust camera schedules, alarm settings, movement.

Easy reviewing
of events

Easily take action if you receive an alert of activity via app or email. You can easily log in and review the event in question, then forward imagery to law enforcement or insurers as needed. The best part is that you can do this from anywhere in the world using.

Time lapse

With Spectur you can select any date and time range to produce and share professional-quality time lapses. This could help you promote your building projects, show site changes or to assess activity over time. Some construction companies also use.

Spoken Warnings

As Spectur recognises human activity, the onboard speaker can be configured to instantly emit a pre-recorded spoken warning. This warning can loudly notify the intruder that their presence has been detected and that security personnel are on their way. More often than not, intruders flee without having the chance to cause havoc!

Bright white
LED lighting

A Spectur wireless security camera system with remote viewing includes a 50W floodlight and/or smart LED lighting. As an alert is triggered these lights autonomously switch on, as the audio message plays. We can supply additional solar lighting to further.

Full monitoring station integration

Do you work with a security service? Spectur can be easily configured to send instant alerts to your monitoring service, or alternatively to our own professional monitoring and guard service. Our tech can even help reduce reliance on security guards while maintaining active protection against intrusion, theft and vandalism.

Remote data

Spectur systems include a 3G/4G modem that transmits data in real time to our secure cloud server, giving you remote access control via the internet. Vandals have low incentive to damage the cameras because event data isn’t stored onsite. Our support team can also remotely push camera updates and check for signal quality – meaning fewer site visits for you.

& AI

Because our camera systems are IoT enabled, they can be configured with third-party sensor and visual AI software. We can help create the monitoring system you need, whether that be tagging tools and equipment with smart sensors or monitoring remotely for soil erosion or rising water levels.

How could remote monitoring save you money?

There are several ways that a successful remote monitoring solution can help you save both time and resources:

See how Spectur can prevent crime 24/7

Instead of simply recording crime, why not actively deter it? Watch how quickly intruders leave after being detected and warned by this Spectur camera system. Meanwhile, it’s easy to download clear imagery for insurance claims and police reports.

Compare camera systems for your remote
monitoring solution

If you’re looking for live and remote monitoring with clarity, Spectur has two solar security camera models to suit that are much more than just cameras. 
We’d be happy to guide you through the best option to meet your needs, whether to buy, hire or lease.

artificial intelligence for security systems the STA6 camera

The STA6 is our ultimate remote monitoring system for larger sites and more complex needs. Choose to include up to four ultra-low light 4K cameras within the one system, and optional long-range thermal cameras for excellent visibility on dark sites. The STA6 offers GPS locating plus cloud and edge-based computing power for sophisticated solutions.

artificial intelligence security system the HD5 camera

Our HD5 model is a cost-effective single-camera system, recording in 3.4MP high definition including in night time and low light conditions. The HD5 offers crisp, full-colour vision and active deterrence for peace of mind on your remote sites. 4K and long range thermal camera options are also available with this model.

A trailer base with a solar panel, one of the available Spectur accessories.

Spectur offers impressive flexibility when it comes to mounting and integration options. You can choose from a range of solar lighting products to illuminate your remote sites, as well as mobile trailer bases and high-powered off-road units. We can also supply trigger switches and other sensors to suit your needs.

Useful applications for remote video surveillance monitoring

A quality remote monitoring system can be used for a range of different applications, from monitoring environmental changes to maximising site safety. Here are just a few of the possibilities.

Construction monitoring & security

Spectur is already in use across many construction sites as a remote security system. Our construction site camera is ideal if you want to be able to check the site at any time. Use Spectur to monitor PPE use onsite, check for deliveries, assess contractors, create time lapses and to protect vacant sites and buildings.

Government security & monitoring

From local councils to national parks, many government sites already benefit from the presence of a remote Spectur system. Our government security systems can be used for smart parking applications, to deter illegal dumping, to monitor for environmental changes and to actively protect the public from crime and dangers.

Protecting utilities & infrastructure

Telecommunications, power and water infrastructure can be highly valuable and also highly vulnerable – particularly when situated in remote locations. Trespassers risk their own safety when they enter restricted areas. Spectur is used by utility companies to actively deter unauthorised access with trespass identification, vision capture, bright lighting and pre-recorded audio messages.

Farm security

It’s impossible to be at all places at all times on a large farm, and fuel and livestock theft is a common problem. You may also want to have a system in place to monitor for and discourage farm biosecurity breaches. Spectur can be easily installed to actively deter trespassers, alerting you immediately to any issues with minimal false alarms.

Remote site management & protection

There are many situations where remote monitoring can improve the management of distant sites, be it for beach safety or environmental monitoring. We’ve helped many companies and organisations set up remote site surveillance and data capture across diverse applications. No matter how ‘far out’ your site requirements may be, we can likely configure Spectur systems to suit.

Find your remote security surveillance solution

Spectur systems are designed, coded, manufactured and supported in Australia. Your local Spectur team would be happy to help you identify your ideal remote monitoring system, and to engineer any custom requirements you might require. For a free consultation and estimate, contact us on 1300 802 960 today.

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